Daily Wage Weaver Is Struggling To Save His Daughter From Blood Cancer


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Daily Wage Weaver Is Struggling To Save His Daughter From Blood Cancer

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  • 26 Dec 2018

    Dear all, Thank you for your donation for Mekala. It means a lot for us. Now, Mekala is slowly recovering from cancer. As of now all her cancer treatment is over but the doctors have told that Mekala should be under proper observation for 2 years and only then they can sure that she is totally out of cancer. She should go for regular checkup for once a month for next two years and continue with medications.


"We couldn't believe that our 15 year old daughter is suffering blood cancer. We could not imagine how much pain our daughter is going through"  - Father Sekar, Mother Mohanambal 

Mekala is very calm, silent little girl but now, father Sekar is running out of time to save his daughter. She is becoming weaker every day and this poor weaver has nothing left to pay for her treatments. 

6-months back when she had fever and she was taking normal medicines and all of sudden she experienced severe fatigue and weakness when blood test was taken the doctors diagnosed that she was suffering Blood cancer - Acute Myeloid Leukemia, intermediate level. 

"I have always tried to protect her from everything but now she looks at me with hopeful eyes to make it all better, to take her pain away, but I’m helpless." - Mother Mohanambal

Mekala is now admitted in Sri Ramakrishna hospital, Coimbatore and has undergone three cycles of chemotherapy and she has to undergo two more. 

"I never heard young kids will get this kind of disorder but I am doing everything to save my daughter s disorder. Now we are running out of money for further treatments"-Father Sekar

The family is struggling to save their only daughter, Sekar and Mohanmabal is working as weavers for daily wages and they did most of the expense by borrowing money and now they have nothing left to save their daughter. 

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