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Save Mother's life(Treatment)

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My name is Karthick, I am working in Paragon Digital Services Pvt Ltd at Chennai. Here I am raising fund for my mother Mrs. Kannammal(53 years old) who met with an accident. Before 3 days, my father and mother went to my relative house, when they returned to our house unfortunately they met with an accident, my father got some scratch on his body but my mother fell upside down and she have lost her consciousness.

After that, We admitted them in ABI SK Hospital in Gobi. Where the Doctors treated them and announced that, your father is alright now, But your mother is in a critical condition because she was in Severetraumatic brain injury, we doesn’t have more facilities for your mother’s treatment. So they adviced us to admit her in KMCH( Kovai Medical Center), where my mother undergone the surgery on monday(20.01,2020) but she doesn’t have any improvement,still now she is in unconsciousness.

   The Doctors told us that, after 2-3 months only she can completely cure, until then she need a treatment. The estimated cost of the treatment is around 3 Lakhs. We don’t have that much of money because my father go for daily wages and I was alreay married and I have one child too, So my salary is satisfy the daily needs of our family. Now we look for some helping hands to protect my mother from this brain problem. Kindly contribute whatever you can and make our family to live happy

Bank Name: RBL Bank
Account number: 2223330022945874
Account name: Karthik

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