Save my 48 year old father Mani from cellulites and acute kidney injury


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Save my 48 year old father Mani from cellulites and acute kidney injury

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I'm Panneer Selvam. I'm studying B E Electronics and Instrumentation engineering in Govt College of Technology, Coimbatore.

My father's health condition is very critical. His right leg is affected by cellulites and the major problem is diabetes. Now the fungi from the leg is spread over the brain and so he lost his conscious two days ago. The salt content in the blood is very high. Hence the kidney is not functioning well. After some hours he got his conscious back but now again he lost his conscious. He is getting treatment in Dharan hospital, Salem. My dad needs more treatment and medicines to get cured. The doctor has provided the information of exact problem and money needed for the treatment.The doctor has given the details of ICU charge and doctor fee alone. Sometimes the pulserate reduces. So he needs a ventilator for respiration while his pulserate becomes reduced. The charge for ventilator is 17000 per day. Fort medicines, lab tests and x rays they are charging around 7000 to 10000. So we need approximately 20000 to 25000 per day for the treatment. Doctor told that he couldn't predict that when my dad get back his conscious.

But doctor tells that he should get treatment and should be monitored regularly in ICU till he retains his conscious. It may take 5 to 7 days of treatment. Initially he got treatment in other hospital from June 8th of 2018. For that we almost spent all of our money. This is second time that he lost his conscious because of fungal infection in brain. Doctor told that the plastic surgery for the right leg is possible only after he regains his conscious. If the salt content in the blood is increased,  it is necessary to do dialysis. So we need 3 lakhs to 5 lakhs approximately for the complete treatment. It's not the exact amount for treatment because the particular time period for his recovery could not be predicted. So kindly help us to recover my father.

My contact number -7845035601


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