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Help us to save Prasanth Babu Life

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I am Muthumani, friend of Prasanth Babu who met with an accident and suffering severe head injury. Now he is in unconscious stage with multiple blood clot in brain and also with internal bleeding. He is currently in minor coma

Prasanth Babu from Coimbatore doing B.E final year in KPR College. On 25/09/2018 evening, he was returning back from college unfortunately the accident happened. 

Father Rathakrishnan, he works in a small scale industry earning Rs. 10,000 per month and his younger sister is studying 8th stand. Hospital has given an approximate estimation of 5 Lakhs but coming from a low socio economic family doesn't have that much money. The family is struggling to save his son. 

Any small contribution from you will save Prasanth Babu's life.

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