In Need Of Help For My Son's Neuro Surgery


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In Need Of Help For My Son's Neuro Surgery

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"My 22 year old son met with an accident with major head injury.I never expected he will go through all this pain".-Sanjeeve's mother. Mid-line shift and a blood clot in the brain made doctors to do a major neuro surgery by removing skull bone.For which again a surgery is needed for replacement of bone in future as well. Somehow I managed to take care of expenses for his medicines by borrowing money from coworkers.

"I have undergone same head injury with neuro surgery.I am partially handicapped not able to make any money to help my son"- Sanjeeve's father

I'm working in PSG Hospitals as an attend with a monthly wage of Rs.10,000 and my daughter working in Kgisl getting a monthly wage of 20,000.My husband is partially handicapped undergone neuro surgery who is not working.Me and my daughter are struggling to take care of my son's medical expenses.

Sanjeeve is now admitted in PSG Hospitals ,Peelamedu, Coimbatore. We are struggling to afford Rs. 2,50,000 for my sons surgery. Now he is shifted to general Ward and he is getting recovered.We haven't made any payment till now for the surgery by talking to the PSG management and have got some time. Help us raise money for my son's treatment

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