Save My 3 Year Old Son Srisanth From Blood Cancer


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Save My 3 Year Old Son Srisanth From Blood Cancer

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  • 12 Feb 2019

    Srisanth back to home after long Struggle. Now he is doing well and soon he will start school from his home town. Thanks for all donors make this possible. Help srisanth recover from Cancer.

  • 10 Aug 2018

    Dear Supporters and Well Wishers,

    Thank you so much for the support you have shown towards Srisanth.

     A week back Srisanth went through his 5th chemotherapy and until then doctors said that he is responding well to the treatment but all of a sudden one night he got wound in stomach, mouth, throat with infections and fever. Doctors said he is in a critical condition and they shifted the kid to ICU and after two days his condition got stabilized. His WBC count is very low, however doctors are monitoring him closely and taking the requisite tests.

    The kid needs to undergo three more chemo and will be needing 4lakhs for further course of treatment. The kid needs your support for future treatments.

    Please pray for his health and speedy recovery. Thank you once again. 


Srisanth is diagnosed with cancer, needs chemotherapy for next 3 years

Srisanth was always found playing outside his home with his friends. A month ago, his parents noticed bruises on various parts of his body. To begin with, it didn't seem to be anything to worry about. He was still active but in few days he became more tired and weak. They took him to a hospital and several tests were taken. No one can ever prepare for the pain and total devastation they feel when the doctors tell, "I'm sorry, your son has cancer!". His mother Aishwarya fell to the floor, Vimal Raj stood listening to the doctor in total shock with tears rolling down his face.

Aishwarya and Vimal Raj had a lot of dreams about his education and future. The fact that hospital will be his only word and experience that he can get for the next 3 years breaks them into pieces. With one infection went, he seems to catch another. Srisanth needs chemotherapy for the next 3 years to recover completely.

Aishwarya gave birth to her daughter just 3 months before. She is shattered beyond words to see her son suffering in pain. Vimal is taking care of Srisanth, he cries for his mother but she is helpless. She needs to feed and take care of the baby as well and she cannot bring the baby to hospital fearing infections. Little Srisanth couldn't understand why no one is showing his little sister to him.

Vimal has quit his job to take care of his son

Vimal Raj and Aishwarya are from Coimbatore and they have come all the way to Chennai for the treatment. Vimal did not give a second thought about quitting his job. When doctors told that he needs intensive treatment and care for the next 3 years, considering his mental health, he decided to stay next to him. He has no source of income now, but he is determined to save his son and willing to do anything for him.

Aishwarya is worried about the pain he has to endure throughout the treatment. The hair loss, loss of control of his bladder and bowels, infections, bleeding, sickness and much more. Little Srisanth is not aware of his painful journey ahead. He pleads his parents to take him back home. He can't wait to play with his sister..

Vimal Raj and Aishwarya are waiting for the nightmare to get over. They cannot stay in the ICU so they are looking out for a room in Chennai to stay. They have no other thought but to save their son. However, they are struggling everyday even to buy tablets for him.

Only your support can save his life. Your contribution can help him to have a chance to live his life!

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