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Help to save my child

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Dear helping souls,

                       I am Rajesh (32 years old),  my native is Naduvalur (Ariyalur district). At the age of 12, I lost my mother after one year my father also died. In Chennai I worked as a supervisor in one restaurant.  On 2013, I met with an accident and  I got injury in my Spinal cord ,so under the parts of my neck started to paralysed. There is no improvement in my body despite the surgery. My wife only took care of me, she used to go for work to maintain the family but later she also left me alone because of my disableness.

  I went more than three rehabilitation center but there is no use I cried to my friend about the condition of mine .So he kindly allowed me to stay with him . My friend also suffered to maintain me because he also a handicapped. Now I am staying in a oldage home in Trichy, to stay in that home I have to pay 10,000/- per month and for my other needs I have to pay more. One of the doctor suggested that, the nerves in your neck were not damaged so you had another chance to recover through the  VARMA TREATMENT, but I can’t pay for the treatment . But, I want to live my life again without any problem.  I need 2 lakhs for the treatment, Kindly help me and give a new life for me.  “ All the world is full of suffering, it is also full of overcoming”.

                                    “Help Rajesh to Overcome;

                                         Through the part of your Income”

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