Help to save my 6 month old Baby From Glaucoma


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Help to save my 6 month old Baby From Glaucoma

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Dear All, 

My 5-month-old child need to undergo glaucoma surgery as soon as possible. He is also having congenital heart disease and he is a failure to thrive. If we postpone this surgery he will lose his vision permanently. It cannot be recovered later. Kindly search about congenital glaucoma in Google for more information.

Because of his CHD and FTT, he has to admit in PICU soon after his surgery till he recovers from Anastasia. This particular surgery is not available in govt. hospital Coimbatore. Total expenses may come around 4,00,000. Kindly help my child with his colorful future. So far we have received 1,00,000 from kind hearted people. We need your further support to save my baby. 

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