Help to save 11/2 year old boy leg crushed in accident


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Help to save 11/2 year old boy leg crushed in accident

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Dear donors,

We are raising fund for Vishnu kumar, 1and half years old. His father Murugan working as a mechanic helper and his mother is a house wife. They are living in kurupedu village, Thiruvannamalai district. They have their house on the main road. One day vishnu was sleeping on the footpath in front of the house. Unfortunately one mini bus has ran over in his leg, he got an injury on his leg-below the right knee. His parents got shocked to heard the screaming of the child. Then they took him to MIOT Hospital, where the doctors treated him and they announced that he doesn’t have any movement on his right leg. He need to undergo the surgery.

I need to go home mom, I couldn’t bear the pain. I don’t want tablets. Please take me with you- cry of vishnu kumar”

He need immediate surgery otherwise his leg turns out to be disabled. The sad thing is he is going to do the critical surgery in this little age. The parents felt very sad that they can’t help for the son in this critical stage. Money just stop the lives of vishnu kumar. The estimated cost of the surgery is 2,50,000. His father Murugan is the only money earning person in that family. He working for daily wages with less salary.

“He was a very active child and he is the only one heir of our family, we don’t want to see him like this. We have so many hopes on himSaraswathy(mother of vishnukumar)”

Kindly contribute whatever you can and save the child from this critical condition. Thanking you

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