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  • 27 Jan 2018

  • 29 Dec 2017


    Two days ago several FB pages and meme makers were instigated by one of the posts of Share For Farmers page, which allegedly accused Chennai Memes of taking the money of one of the crowdfunded campaigns. Here is the complete overview of all that happened around the campaign. First of all, we do not accept any of the baseless rumours that are spread about us without any proof. This detailed write up explains why there was a delay in using those funds and how it would have been used if not these allegations were made.

    Firstly, we (Team Chennai Memes) agreed to become part of Share For Farmers campaign along with crowdfunding sites, Edudharma and Indiegogo with the soul intention of supporting the farmers’ families who had committed suicide. The main reason for we being approached to carry out the campaign through Chennai Memes page is the confidence that people rested upon us as we've previously saved over 50+ people's life by sharing their crowdfunding links on our platform earlier. Once the campaign took off, the funds poured in INRs in Edudharma website and USD/foreign currencies in Indiegogo website. Within a month funds of 4.5 Lakhs, INR on Edudharma and 2.5 Lakhs INR on Indiegogo were collected. As 6.5 lakhs (excluding the site charges) was accumulated we decided to end the campaign. With the collected amount we decided to buy 1 cow per family as it would give them a monthly income of over 10-15k which is a fair amount to run their family. The main reason for deciding on cow distribution was WITH THE TOTAL AMOUNT COLLECTED IT WAS REALLY IMPOSSIBLE TO CLOSE THE DEBTS OF EVEN ONE FAMILY as each family has the interest of over 5 lakhs and in addition to the principal cost it would come up to 10 lakhs. So we went ahead to carry out something that would provide constant income to them.

    The problem started when Mr Sathiya Nathan, founder of Share For Farmers page, a France resident blocked our plan of buying cows. But when we asked him to come up with an alternative plan of action to make use of the funds collected, he did not turn up. Since he was totally unaware of ground reality, he was not able to come up with a feasible solution which would actually “support” the farmers’ families. So we had to move forward with the initial plan of giving cows. Likewise, the Edudharma funds of 4.1 Lakhs (after their transaction and campaign hosting charges) were transferred to our account in May end 2017.

    From June 2017, we resumed the process of collecting the list of farmer families who had committed suicide. Within 3 weeks we realized that government data of farmers was incomplete which again slowed down our work as we had to do the groundwork of collecting firsthand information. We also approached cooperative societies of central and southern districts of Tamil Nadu but we couldn’t fetch anything from them too. So we sought the help of a US-based NGO who were doing social activities for farmers here in Tamil Nadu. Mr Gunasekaran Puniamoorthy of our team was in constant touch with them overlooking the whole process of collecting the name list. Months passed and we were not able to get the list of “actual victims” as local politics of the respective districts nuanced and hampered our verification process.
    Meanwhile, in the month of September, we decided to fasten the whole process apart from farmers list. Hence we joined our hands with VIVASAAYANADU, a NGO who had contacts for getting cows. So our team member Guna gave them the advance of ₹50,000 to proceed with the process, within a month time Guna had some medical emergency of ₹20,000 so he had raised a mail request for the same and got the money from VIVASAAYANADU and he repaid the remaining 20k to our account. So excluding the 30k the remaining amount is still with us safely and now we've asked them to return the 30k also since we aren't doing with them anymore as we have to speed up to clear all our false allegations

    Now at this point of time, after all the allegations made on us, we have decided to stall all our other activities. We will take a step forward to connect with the local volunteers who were in contact with the USA NGO and now those volunteers are travelling by themselves to verify the farmer's family from the list of 450+ families. But this task is not an easy one. We still have to check on them individually as the families did not provide their contact details to get back to them. Initially we received the details of farmer's name (who committed sucide), the taluk and the district. With just these 3 information it is merely not possible for anybody to identify their house that too in a remote village. So now, the volunteers are travelling to each taluk individually and getting their address with the sources what they have.

    The volunteers who have undertaken the travel now have promised a deadline of 48 hours to provide the information of shortlisted and accurate farmers who are going to get the cows. The distribution of cows will happen again on a physical verification only. Before Pongal we are trying our best to handover the cows with a document WHERE THE FAMILY CAN'T SELL THE COW AT ANY SITUATION. The remaining 2.5 lakhs which was collected with USD on Indiegogo site might be a question mark, yes it is still a question mark for our team as we don't know any details of what happened to that fund, since Mr. Sathiya Nathan , founder of Share For Farmers was having full control over NRI funds. Now, we are not able to find the amount available on the Indiegogo campaign as well.With the amount of 4.1 lakhs what we've got in our account we are answerable and we have a concrete plan of how we are going to use that and also the proof of bills, transport charges everything will be submitted for the same along with the cow handing over photos once the whole process is done.

    It is really disheartening for us (admins of Chennai Memes) to face false allegations like this. We have saved over 50+ people's life by crowd funding and have worked hard in many social causes right from Chennai floods, Vardah, Jallikattu, Methane Gas extraction/Neduvasal etc, when other so called meme pages were busy with baseless funny, tag memes during the same timeline. Hereby we clear our stance regarding the campaign and have told our situation clearly with the deadlines of further formalities.

    We've given a clear explanation if you still want to make fun of us or pin point with your baseless allegations keep continuing, all this can be done only for few days as we will submit the entire proof of bills with the cow handing over video.

    And from this moment we promise that we will never engage in any social activity, but our motive to save people's life by sharing their blood request/ crowdfunding links will be continued. Also we are a marketing/advertising agency and we depend on the marketing funds what we receive in promoting the brands on our platform. We will continue to do that no matter what happens.

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    Thank you.

  • 28 Dec 2017

    We have updated Further details in the Facebook page> Pls click below link for more information.


  • 27 Dec 2017

    Dear Donors, 

    Fund raised for Share for Campaigns utilized to the donated cow for 12 farmers.  Team handover the money to Vivasayanadu team for purchasing of cows. The distribution Process started and the cow will be distributed to all needy farmers shortly.

  • 29 Apr 2017

    Team share for Farmers heartily thanks to all donors who all are donating for farmers welfare. We will shortly announce the plan to utilization of fund. thanks!


Short Summary

Team Chennai Memes have taken our next initiative Share for farmers following our previous campaign Share for Chennai which has raised fund to help the flood affected victims in Chennai.

What We Need & What You Get

We thank everyone who is being a part of this huge campaign , As we all know the current situation of farmers in tamil nadu and the politics behind the Drought funds.

The main aim of this campaign is to lift maximum number of poor families by buying native cattle's and also to get farmers out of bank debts.

We request you to share the cost of your one meal for our farmers who are suffering from Drought. So far more than 400 farmers have committed suicide due to Bank loans.

We once again thank each and everyone who is gonna be a part of this campaign and shows support to protect farmers and their cattle's. You could be living in any part of the world but we recommend you to share your one meal with the one who is in need. Hope this turns to be a global campaign which is completely lead by youngsters. We also request you to tag your friends on this campaign and if you could not donate any money its alright at least show your support to our brothers and sisters by sharing this video with your loved ones, We thank every good Samaritan for being a part of this campaign, to know more about our campaign follow our face book pages Shareforfarmers and Chennai Memes.

The Impact

If you can share one ticket for your movie If you can share The cost of your one day Fuel expenses.

If you can share the cost of one day outing. we shall lift many farmers families out of Debt. In Tamil Nadu we are 7.5 million People if atleast 500,000 People share, we can make a Difference in 5000 farmers Families

Risks & Challenges We value our transparency

The collected money from the campaign will be audited and recorded with the help of our Auditor and we will provide the details of how many farmers families have been lifted out of Bank Debts.

Other Ways You Can Help

To know more about our campaign follow our Facebook pages Shareforfarmers and Chennai Memes.

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