Support for the Renovation of Schools in Delta Region


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Support for the Renovation of Schools in Delta Region

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Dear all, Our Volunteers team camped at Delta region which is heavily affected by Gaja cyclone. They were in the process of finding schools which got damaged due to Gaja Cyclone. Based on the field report, as of now we have identified 8 schools which needs renovation after the damage that caused due to Gaja cyclone. We have planned to help the schools in rebuilding the damaged class rooms, roofs and walls. Any contribution for this cause will be a great help for renovating the school. Saraswati vilas aided Primary School, Kovilpathu, Thalaingayiru Punchayat, Vedaranyam Tk, Nagapattinam Dt To know about our organization visit our Facebook page Contact: +919025115538 +918148786883 For detailed report about the schools visit this link

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