Support Future Engineers of GCT chase an International Dream !


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Support Future Engineers of GCT chase an International Dream !

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  • 21 Mar 2020

    Due to concerns around the rapidly evolving coronavirus (COVID-19) around the globe, SAE International had made the choice to transition Baja SAE Arizona event participation to a virtual platform (On-Line). Hence Team Screwtenizers will not be travelling to the US for the 2020 competition. The team is now collaboratively working home to participate in this virtual event along with other schools all over the globe.

    We would like to thank all the Students, Family members, Alumni, Staff, Sponsors and other well wishers for the continuous support. The team has earned a Pre-registration pass for the 2021 Baja SAE competition in the US, with all the funds collected, support and preparation we are looking forward to compete again at Baja SAE USA 2021 with the actual vehicle.

    Please reach out to us for any queries at

  • 29 Dec 2019

    We are proud and excited to share that we have completed the fabrication of our new vehicle which will be competing in the 2020 Baja SAE Competitions. Now the team is busy with testing and validation! 

    Only a month left for booking tickets, do visit our fundraising campaign today and help us compete in the US.

  • 06 Dec 2019

    3 Days, 53 Supporters, Rs.1,72,123 Raised so far!

    Growing strong with every joining hand! Join the Screwtenizers GCT family by becoming a patron. Now!Donate at



Who We are…

Team Screwtenizers is an interdisciplinary group of 27 engineering undergrads of Government College of Technology (GCT), Coimbatore, a prestigious institution in South India celebrating its platinum jubilee in 2020. We design and build Off-Road vehicle to showcase our advance mobility knowledge and solutions for the benefit of humanity.

Our team has been participating in the BAJASAE India event conducted by Society of Automotive Engineers (SAE) for the last 2 years and won overall 1st position in 2018 and placed in the top 10 in 2019 at the national level competition.

Aiming for the Stars…

First time in the history of GCT, our team has got the opportunity to participate internationally in BAJA SAE Arizona –2020 and we are the only team from Tamilnadu to participate in the event!

10 students from the team will be participating in the event taking place between 16th to 19th of April 2020. This event will be the highest milestone in our innovation journey and it’s our biggest dream to test our caliber among the world’s finest and become ‘the finest among finest’…

Baja SAE Arizona website:

But, What’s stopping us?

Our students are from humble economic middle-class backgrounds and wouldn’t be able to fully afford international travel and logistic expenses. We believe that our donors like you who would make our dream possible. We promise that your donation would make our efforts invested in building future mobility solutions for the global community.

Each donor helps us take one-step ahead to ‘Our Dream’…


  • $200/20,000                - Helps Meals for ONE day
  • $500/₹50,000                - Helps Domestic travel for a week
  • $1000/₹1,00,000           - Helps Airfare for ONE participant
  • $2500/₹2,50,000          - Helps Lodging for a week
  • $5000/₹5,00,000           - Helps Airfare for FIVE participants
  • $8000/₹8,00,000          - Helps Vehicle Shipment to the US

However, EVERY DOLLAR you donate is much valued!

What are you investing in?

Each and every person who is a part of Team Screwtenizers truly believe that if we can pull this off, we would be able to build better vehicles in the future with viable improvements, contributing to the mobility industry. Team Screwtenizers has a very rich history of alumni and mentor-ship that will ensure that our knowledge will be passed down. So whatever you are pitching here goes towards building a community of torch-bearers!

Here is what people have to say about Us...

Dr. P. Thamarai, Principal GCT

            “They are relentless in their efforts, always persisting to be the best in what they do; they never fail to amaze me with their ideas and their commitment towards it. I hope people recognize the potential in them and lift them so that they can fly higher”

Mr. Suresh Williams, CEO, Alpha Drives 

        I was hooked as soon as I met them for the very first time. Their passion for the sport, as well as their professional engineering approach, is contagious. Everyone in our R&D team support their efforts wholeheartedly. I am happy to know them and be there for them. They are determined to excel and will scale new heights. More power to them!

Dr. S Gopi, Faculty Advisor, SAEGCT

        “I have been the one who has been close to the team, all three years, throughout their ups and downs and I am really happy that it was me. It was a great opportunity for me! I would be the proudest of my students when they get to represent GCT in the international arena”

Mr. Gopalakrishna, Powertrain Lead, Team Screwtenizers

        “The best part of being a part of the team is the pride and high, I feel when I get to see the components I designed working flawlessly on the track, we even have friendly feuds among sub-systems as to who contributes for the vehicle more”

Thank You for your Valuable Support!!

Team Screwtenizers

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Feel free to reach us 

Team Head: Akash Pavan Phone: +91 7708410796 

Team Co-Head: Siddharth Ramakrishnan Phone: +91 9677137958

For clarifications and inquiries, reach out to us @

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