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Isha Gramotsavam

Isha Gramotsavam is a celebration of village life showcasing the essence of rural Tamil Nadu through an elaborate display of rural games, art, drama, dance, music and food specialties. The event highlights the role of sports in rural life by featuring the final rounds of a state-wide inter-village sports tournament. The festival is part of Action for Rural Rejuvenation (ARR), a rural revitalization program under the aegis of Isha Foundation. ARR provides a comprehensive approach to improved health, livelihood and community revitalization, and to date has reached over 4600 villages and forty-two lakh people.

The Isha Rejuvenation Cup

Following the Round 1 and 2 matches held around the state in the month of October and November 2018, the final eight winning teams faced off at the title matches held on December 9th at the Isha Gramotsavam finale

4000 Teams 40,000 Players 1 Finale! December 9, 2018 Texvalley, Erode. 4000 Teams include Volley ball: 1600, Throwball: 300, Kabaddi: 2100

Why Sport?

Sports empower individuals, transform communities and inspire populations for positive change. For Isha’s Action for Rural Rejuvenation, sport has been the key to inspiring exuberance and oneness in the rural villages. It has become a tool of transformation, weaning villagers away from addiction, breaking caste barriers within the community, bringing women out of the home and empowering them, and reviving spirit and pride in individuals and the village as a whole.

Changing The Game For Rural India

Isha Gramotsavam is part of a larger vision – that of a society where people full of joy and enthusiasm become sources of transformation for those around them. The games foster friendships, unity and a healthy vibrant community. Watch and read these stories of individual and community upliftment

Budget heads and the respective expenses for the event

* Cash Prize for players (at district, zonal & final): Rs 25,20,000/-

* Organizing cost (lighting, audio, food, water): Rs 14,85,000/-

* Venue cost (preparation, court marking): Rs 2,15,000/-

* Publicity (flex, hand outs): Rs 2,00,000/-

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