Support Mr. Kowsik for completing his education


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Support Mr. Kowsik for completing his education

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Support Mr. Kowsik for completing his education

Mr.Kowsik is from a poor family background with no financial support.He complete his schooling by doing part time work in day day departmental store.He has scored good marks in schooling. He is an District level achiever in carom.

He had won many prizes and medals in carom. He had won 1st place in two District level carom tournaments.

Already He didn't able to write 5 exams because he have not paid the fee. But, he worked hard and cleared 2 subjects in the next semester exams. Even though he didn't able to write the rest 3 subjects due to pending fee.

Now he needs financial support for paying his graduation fees of Rs. 40500.

With all your support we can make this young talented Mr. Kowsik  to complete his studies  and achieve his goal

Bank Name: RBL Bank
Account number: 2223330081044071
Account name: edudharma

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