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Support Prabhakar 1990 Alumni of IRTT Liver Transplant operation

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  • 31 Oct 2020

    *Update about Prabhakar (1990)health*


    ```Dear Brothers and Sisters```

    ```Your support for our brother Prabhakar has been overwhelming and we are thankful for the same. Wish to share few updates about his health condition.```

    1. _Prabhakar is still in PSG hospitals Coimbatore as fluid accumulation is more and he is being treated and on observation_

    2. Team of expert doctors, liver transplant team had a discussion with Prabhakar, his wife Nirmala (1993)& few friends and explained in detail about the procedure for transplant and now the family is clear to continue the treatment at PSG hospitals Coimbatore.

    3. _Prabhakar is on waiting list 5 and  4 patients who have registered already are awaiting donors._

    4. We can't shift him to other hospitals due to combination of factors - his health condition, every hospital will have waiting patients for transplant and he will have to wait and the cost.

    5.  _It is estimated around 30 lakhs for the over all treatment and the family have already spent @ 4 lakhs._

    6. Once he is medically fit for the transplant and donor is ready, transplant will start.

    ```Our Alumni contribution so far is  @ 20 lakhs and thank you all for your support. Request other Alumni for contribution and all your prayers for our brother Prabhakar and family```


Dear Brothers and Sisters, 

One of our fellow Alumni brother S.Prabhakar of 1990 batch is suffering from Liver related problems and based on recent diagnosis at PSG hospitals Coimbatore it is found out to be liver contraction and accumulation of fluid because of very poor condition of the liver. Experts at this hospital have advised liver transplant is the only solution. Fellow 1990 batch mates like Amuthan, Valli and Ravigurunathan have researched various possibilities with hospitals like, CMC Vellore, Velammal Madurai & Rela Chennai and found out that it will take around 30 to 35 lakhs for liver transplant and in Coimbatore PSG it is estimated at 25 lakhs.

Prabhakar due to his health condition not able to focus on his business nearly for an year and his wife is the only earning member who is in TN Govt service. He is in a critical state and We appeal to all of you to extend your help by your valuable contribution to the below mentioned account. We will handover the collected amount to the needy family.

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