Support young 21 year old Mr. Vinay who met with accident recently


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Support young 21 year old Mr. Vinay who met with accident recently

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Support young 21 year old Mr. Vinay who met with accident recently

Mr. Vinay, 21 year old young sports man is from middle class family. His father Mr. Thanasekar was working in private concern with a normal salary and made his son to study His mom Geetha who is home maker taking care of the family. Vinay has elder sister who is working in a private concern. Vinay was living a normal peaceful life. 

He will be doing exercise regularly to keep himself fit. 

"He will be always telling us that soon he will come to a good position and take care of all responsibility that I have been doing so far. He was confident about it "- Mr. Thanasekar(father)

But, all the dreams of vinay and his family was shattered with tears. Vinay joined a good company after his studies and went job for 8 days. While returning from job to home, vinay met with a risky accident near ECR, Chennai which led him to a critical stage. Immediately he was taken to nearest GH where the doctors was not confident that he will be cured.

Later he was taken to the Global hospital, Chennai where his skull was removed and after lot of treatment he was out of danger. But, he loosed his conscious and not able to move. 

"We burnt all our savings and sold our Jewels to save our son's life. But, we didn't able get our son back. He used play with me and his sister always. He is active fit young boy. Daily we can't see him like without any movement and conscious." - Geetha(mother)

So far they spent around 60-70 lakhs for his treatment. Since, the hospital cost is more for staying. They brought him home and made an ICU setup in home itself. They also spent for nurse care.

The sad news is that Vinay's father passed away before few days due to heart attack.

"His son's condition made him to feel a lot which led him to death. But, even during critical stage he was murmuring to me to save my son. He was the only person who gave hope to all of us and getting ready with amount. Now, we loosed him also. We are helpless now, we don't know how we will save our son spending a huge amount "- Geetha 

The doctors told that to bring him back normal, Cranioplasty surgery needs to be done as soon as possible.

The total estimated cost of surgery : Rs. 4,57,500.

Save this young man who doesn't even know that his father is no more. Even your small contribution will help him to come back as normal and take care of his mother and sister.

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