Help 3 Years Old Mohamed Zahim Fight Blood Cancer


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Help 3 Years Old Mohamed Zahim Fight Blood Cancer

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Mohamed Zahim, a 3 year old kid hailing from a low socio economic family from Chennai, was diagnosed to have B Cell Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia( Blood Cancer), a very severe type of blood cancer in December 2017.

Initially,my sons's whole body color changed brown, his stomach looked like as if he was pregnant and he become totally weak and inactive. I got afraid and took him to nearby Child Specialty Hospital, Chennai, were the doctor asked to take blood tests and all the test showed negative result. Doctor doubting asked me to take to Sri Ramachandra Hospital.

The hospital authorities told to get admitted for 5 days and later the doctor gathered all my family members and told that my son is suffering from blood cancer and it can be cured with proper medication. 

That moment I and my wife busted out crying and I wanted to die thinking my 3 year old kids situation but then later thinking about my 2 elder kids and I made my mind to save my third kid also. 

Now my son, Mohamed Zahim has undergone first chemo and he has to go for the next in few days. Doctors have told the treatment duration is for 3 years and it will cost around 4-8 lakhs. 

I was working as an accountant in a school and for the past  3 months I am unable to work as I wanted to look after my son and I have to stay with him. All my relatives bailed once they came to know that treatment will cost 4-8Lakhs

Help me save my son and I will be grateful for my entire life. 

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