A trip to NASA - Wings to Fly


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A trip to NASA - Wings to Fly

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Wings to Fly

Rotary Club of Madras East conducted a science exhibition on a quest to find the next  Junior Abdul Kalam.  Around  4000 students from corporation school in Chennai participated in a school level science objective exam and 420 students were shortlisted for the next round of observation test, logical reasoning and creativity test.  32 were again shortlisted for the final round which was a Science Project to be done in a span of 3 weeks. Students chose their projects, hypothesized the solution, experimented with the steps and analyzed their results for the application of the project.  S Rajkumar of 9th grade and R Gopinath of 7th grade worked on their respective projects and won the competition and have acquired a golden opportunity to visit NASA in summer holidays.

Details of the project
R Gopinath: Build an electronic soil moisture sensor to conserve water.  The sensor can detect dry and wet soil and also auto irrigates when the moisture content becomes less.

S Rajkumar: Rooftop gardens: Are they a cool idea? He built two miniature concrete houses, one with the rooftop garden. He analyzed the temperature difference inside a normal house and rooftop garden house.

A Trip to NASA

A visit to NASA in the USA is a slingshot for their dreams and their curiosity. The ticket and accommodation are taken care by the Rotary club. We need some financial support for other travel expenses as follows for one person.


1)     Travel bags  -  1 with trolley facility.

2)     Shoes           -  1

3)     Socks            - 2 pairs.

4)     Formal Wear – 3

5)     Casual Wear  - 2   

6)     Cap                - 1

7)     First Aid Medicines - 1 set.
8)     50 dollars in cash.

We have fixed  a budget of 7500 per child so totally Rs 15000.

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Update 1      1 year ago :

I am elated to inform that my students left to Houston to visit NASA yesterday.  They are going to spend 10 days and have a great learning experience.  With the generous donation from the donor we were able to help then get essentials for the trip.

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