Without Surgery, My Son Will Not Be Able To Eat Or Talk


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Without Surgery, My Son Will Not Be Able To Eat Or Talk

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Dear All, 

Danish is 2.5 years old and he cannot talk or eat like other kids. He is diagnosed with Treacher Collins Syndrome, this is a medical condition where some bones and tissues in the face aren't developed. For Danish, his lower jaw did not grow

When Danish was new born he couldn't take even breastfeeding as he did not have capacity to suck and his lower jaw did not support. Sometimes even if he drinks water or milk it used come out of his nose. Fearing his parents took him to the hospital when he was one month baby, where doctors suggested that the baby should undergo lower jaw correction surgery when he is 2 years old and he suggested only to give liquid food as he cannot wide open his jaw

As his jaw did not grow, his food pipe and wind pipe doesn't have enough space to accommodate and he struggles to breath most of the times. Also, sometimes even when liquid food is given it will enter wind pipe instead of food pipe and  all of sudden Danish will get severe cough of minutes and struggle a lot to breath.

"I can't understand why my son has to go through suffering at this age. Whenever he struggles to breath I feel very helpless. Even when he is not well he couldn't even cry loud as his vocal won't support" - Father Hariharan

When Danish was 7-month-old his health got critical as he couldn't breath or eat properly and as a temporary solution and to save his life he underwent Tracheostomy surgery, where a cut is made in his neck below vocal cord and a tube is placed in his wind pipe so that the tube will help air to enter the lungs. This surgery itself costed more than 5 lakhs and his parents where able to afford only by selling Selvi's(mother) jewelery.

An year ago when Danish parents took him to the doctor regarding lower jaw correction surgery, doctors suggested that to save Danish surgery has to be done as soon as possible and the whole surgery would cost around Rs. 5,25,000. As the family is from low socio economic family, they couldn't afford big sum of money and they are searching for help for past 10 months.

"Even last week due to severe cold and continues cough, the Tracheostomy tube continuously rubbed his neck causing wound  and to bleed. We can only save him only if surgery is done at right time" - Mother Selvi

Danish's father is working in a private concern earning Rs.  25,000 per month and most of his earnings are spent to change his Tracheostomy tube 1-2 times a month which would cost Rs. 8000 per month. The family needs support to save their kid. Any contribution will help to save the kid.

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Update 2      1 week ago :

Dear All, 

We have successfully complete the scan for danish this week. it was delayed so many weeks because of his health issues not feasible to this scan. Based on this scan report doctors team will decide the operation date. we will post your update about the operation. Thanks for everyone for continues support to recover danish. kindly find the scan report for your reference.

Update 1      1 month ago :

Dear Donors, 

With all your support danish going to admit in hospital for further surgery. Its a 2 month process danish need to be in  hospital post surgery also. Danish mother thank every one for your wonderful support for danish surgery. we expect and decided to join this school next academic year if all goes well. 


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