Empower Crowdfunding with Your College Alumni Network

Manage College Events, Interactive Alumni Directory, Alumni Relations, Digital Fundraising & Fully Integrated Institutional Giving Through the Same Platform

Micro Site

Fully Integrated. Beautifully Designed. Custom Content Management System for Alumni, Crowdfunding and Student Engagement

Student Groups

Fully Integrated Student Management. Powerful Data & Outreach Automation to Manage and Monitor Student Activites


Unleash the Power of the Crowd to Help Fund Institutional Priorities, Student Projects, Faculty Projects or Student Initiatives

Alumni Directory

Import, Create, Deploy and Access your Alumni Records and with Simple Login Alumni can also View their Account and Engage


Crowdfunding module allows you to appeal your alumni donors in their preferred method of giving, as well as showcase the many extraordinary areas of your institution

Giving Day

Giving Day Module, the easiest way to raise money for your Giving Day. We will help you build your campaign to be the most successful Giving Day in the world

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